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Welcome to Kent Youth Inc.!

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We've designed this site to let the community at large - our supporters, sponsors, potential volunteers and those interested in staff positions - know about Kent Youth's long history of helping Maryland teenagers improve their lives.


We want to tell you who we are and what we do.  And we want to ensure that Kent Youth, Inc. is not confused with other fine agencies whose names are similar.


Kent Youth, Inc. serves teen-aged boys from Maryland who have been referred to the facility under the auspices and licensing authority of Maryland’s Department of Juvenile Services, and has been doing so since 1971.


We offer a safe and constructive residence with a structured environment for our clients while they attend local public schools.  Our staff and consultants teach life skills, provide counseling on anger management and, if necessary, alcohol/drug abuse.  We arrange proper health care, and work with public school counselors, open the doors to additional positive educational and recreational experiences, and help our kids get through some tough times using common sense and compassion.



Kent Youth maintains a residential home for ten boys, between the ages of 14 and 17, in a facility in Chestertown on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  We also conduct non-residential outreach counseling services for a larger number of Eastern Shore students and families.


What's extremely important in working with our young men is that programs and care plans are tailored to the individual needs of each resident.  There's no one-size-fits-all procedure.  The progress of each resident is monitored in consultation with State Juvenile Services counselors.

Most of our residents stay with us for a period of between six and nine months. They progress through a system of increasing responsibilities and rewards until they graduate. 

Our goal is for all our residents to become productive, educated and goal-oriented young citizens.


The success of Kent Youth, Inc. for these past three decades is the result of the dedication of the many staff and volunteers who have been part of the effort.  While there is financial assistance from the Department of Juvenile Services, based on the number of young men being served, we could not keep the doors open if it weren't for the help of community members providing financial support, teaching expertise, recreational opportunities, equipment and supplies, and so many other volunteer efforts.


It takes all of us to make the program a success and we are fortunate to have a hard-working staff and a dedicated Board of Directors.  We need your help too.  Please contact us if you would like to make a difference in the lives of young people who are confronted with difficult times and life choices.  If you have a talent, skill or interest to share with a teenager, let us know.  We're ready to find a place for you in the Kent Youth family.



Betsy Sener Durham

President of the Board of Directors



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Kudos to the Director and Staff at Kent Youth!


The facility recently underwent its mid-license review by the State of Maryland Monitoring System. The review report revealed that Kent Youth currently has no deficiencies. The Inspector stated that over the past year (2013) Kent Youth, Inc. had the least amount of deficiencies in the state of Maryland for Group Homes.


Both Lavonte Wilson and Chanelle Copper have been promoted from Residential Counselors to Shift Supervisors. Lavonte is now the Day Shift Supervisor and Chanelle the Overnight Shift Supervisor. Lavonte and Chanelle will be supervising the new Residential Counselors. Additional duties include focusing on the resident, his problems, experience, needs and interest; assisting each youth in attaining his individual treatment plan and goals; enforcing all Kent Youth rules and regulations; and effectively communicating with employees, family members, and residents. Lavonte and Chanelle are a great addition to the Administration. Director Jill Coleman says, “We are excited to have them as part of the team. Kent Youth knows they will do a very productive job!” Welcome to the Team!

Welcome, “Our Sandy”

When Sandy Appel became Kent Youth's Administrative Assistant in the Spring, we knew we were lucky:

She grew up in Sudlersville, graduated from Sudlersville High School a couple of decades ago, knew the name Pat Biddle, founder of Kent Youth and longtime principal of Sudlersville schools, and not only loved the business courses she took in high school, but was named the most outstanding in her junior and senior years and went on to take business courses at Chesapeake College.


Still living in Sudlersville with her husband Mark, Sandy will tell you the two things she likes most in life are spending time with family and country living. With three children, sons Morgan and Gavin in middle school and high school, and daughter Shayla nearby, plus a brand new grandson, as well as her parents, Joe and Frances Ruff also in Sudlersville, her sister Nancy in Crumpton and her brothers Joe and Bruce in Kennedyville and Barclay, she certainly has her wish to have family nearby.


As for the country-living, "I love being able to look out my windows and see our goats and horses, and have a place where I can garden and just enjoy the slow, easy pace of rural life."


From her first job as a secretary, which she started in 11th grade with the Queen Anne's Department of Aging, to her many years with Chestertown Physical Therapy, "I've loved every minute of both," she says. As her sons have become more and more involved in school and sports, and with a new grandson to enjoy, she wished for something she could do which would provide more time with them. When she heard Kent Youth needed someone with her skills and fewer hours, she checked with Kent Youth Director Jill Coleman, and the rest, as they say,is history.


As a sidebar: Shortly after Sandy came to Kent Youth, when a Kent Youth board member walked into a regular physical therapy appointment, the therapist said (fortunately with a smile), "You stole our Sandy! We're still in tears." Then the therapist smiled, and said they understood Sandy's need for a bit more time at home, but we should know that she was much loved and admired by her co-workers, and they all hoped we'd treat "their Sandy" well and enjoy and appreciate her efficiency and expertise.

So, if you happen to call the Kent Youth office and Sandy answers, please welcome her - "Our Sandy."



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